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It’s perhaps fitting that Indian Ocean Imagery (IOI) and it’s principal creator Leith “Holtzy” Holtzman had their photographic birth more than 20 years ago at Red Bluff – the start of the iconic Ningaloo Reef World Heritage site and in the rugged, spectacular swells of the famous Margaret River surf region.

Holtzy’s photographic equipment back then was hardly state of the art – an old Pentax K1000, manual everything, with a manual focus 200mm lens but that didn’t stop him from getting the holy grail of photography- the cover shot of Tracks Surfing Magazine – with his first ever surf photo published.

His second shot published won an expensive underwater camera and a love affair that had already begun became a life long passion. Holtzy soon became a surf photographer and journalist specializing in water photography and capturing the magic of the moment.